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By M. McDevitt Rubin


The Pittsburgh Press HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, pretty mama. For the best mom, what's wanted is the best present. Assembled here are contenders for the distinction. All are handmade and, with the exception of a Wisconsin pie plate, produced in Pittsburgh.


pizza picture from article


Towers of pizza


"PIZZArt" is what Squirrel Hill resident Barbara Fellman calls her "fiber foods," soft, cloth, pizza pot holders, hot pads, pillows and pins. They look like pizzas and they can be ordered with a choice of toppings. All are hand-painted and hand-sewn, thickly quilted to create a sculptural, cheesy effect. No two are the same.


You can walk around with a wedge of puffy pizza pinned to your collar. Fellman's triangular pizza pins, finished with shiny cheese and glittery jewel-like toppings, are about two inches wide at the crust line. Pins are $5; individual slice potholders with a handy hook for hanging, $14; 9-inch hot pads are also with a hanging hook, $20; 12-inch throw pillows or seat cushions, $23.50; 14-inch, $26.50; 16-inch, $29.50.


Basic price includes up to three free toppings: pepperoni, mushrooms, green pepper, red or hot peppers, extra cheese, olives, onion, anchovies, sausage or bacon. Designer toppings include tomatoes, asparagus, shrimp, broccoli, grilled chicken, spinach, or just about anything you can think of.


Fiber food pizzas are available at the fiberarts gallery, Under The Yggdrasil, 311 S. Craig St., Oakland; Annex Cookery, 5526 Walnut St., Shadyside; or by contacting Barbara Fellman at Inedible Art 512 326-8931.