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It's not too early to be thinking about that special little something to delight Mom on Mother's Day. Here are a few gifts to put on her breakfast-in-bed tray May 9:


No-Carb Pizza: The kids will get a big kick out of watching Mom open a pizza box to find a 9-inch round colorful cloth hot pad that looks like a real pizza -- your choice of pepperoni or veggie, whole or large slices ($8).


Creator Barbara Fellman calles her company "Inedible Art" and delicious-looking conception "PiZZArt."


The "pizzas" are available, along with Poochie Sushi (dog treats), beverage "bonnets,", ice cream cone cookie cutters, pottery by local artists, cards for cancer survivors and lots more, at Plethor, a new shop with offbeat items on Ardmore Boulevard, Forest Hills.


Call co-owner and retired Edgewood school teacher Ann Titus at 412-351-6727 for details.